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This site contains pages about digital photography, cooking, travel expirences and some other things, which I find interresting and would like to share.

Note! At the moment, not all of the few pages in the English part does not exist yet. They were not transferred correctly to the new system, while changing operating system and web-server in the beginning of May. I will add them as soon as possible.
//Snidre (2005-05-22)
My intension is to update this site, at least once each month, with a new recipt and a picture of the month.

At the moment, almost all material is written in Swedish. I plan to write some pages in English too, since I also have some international friends. The English pages will not be translated copies of the Swedish pages. Some of the Swedish pages could still be interresting for non-Swedish speaking people, like the picture pages (Bilder).

New additions to the English pages:

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My email address: snidre@yahoo.com

Please, do not send any mail to my old account at Passagen, because I am no longer able to open my mailbox there.

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