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Welcome to the tibast.net Web Server

This web Server is hosting some hompages, which are listed below (- only the homepages which does not require a login are shown). The name Tibast comes from a bush, which is in blossom on a bare twig in the early spring.
Denna webb-server Àr vÀrd för nÄgra hemsidor, vilka listas nedan (- endast de hemsidorna som inte krÀver inloggning visas). Namnet Tibast kommer frÄn en buske, som blommar pÄ bar kvist tidigt pÄ vÄren.

Available homepages/TillgÀngliga hemsidor:
Snidre's HomepageMostly in Swedish
This site is about cooking, pictures, travels, lifestyle etc.

The homepages are built using a CM-system (Content Management), which I have developed on my own in the language PHP. The content of the pages is stored in a Postgres database, while the web-server itself is Apache. The operating system is Linux Fedora Core.   Hemsidorna Ă€r uppbyggda med hjĂ€lp av ett CM-system (innehĂ„lls-hantering), vilket jag sjĂ€lv har utvecklat i sprĂ„ket PHP. InnehĂ„llet pĂ„ sidorna Ă€r lagrat i en Postgres-databas, medan webb-servern i sig sjĂ€lv Ă€r Apache. Operativsystemet Ă€r Linux Fedora Core.
The operating system Linux Fedora Core (former Red Hat) is incredible nice to work with, and quite a lot of useful applications are included. I think many users would like this operating system, except when they want to do things like playing computer games. A lot more people should try it out!

The web-server Apache is one of the most common web-servers on the Internet today.

The database engine Postgresql is reliable and full featured, due to the history of the product. When selecting which database to use for managing the content of a site like this one, Postgresql is certainly a good choise.

Webb-serverns hemstad! VÀsterÄs centrum sett frÄn MÀlaren.
VÀsterÄs - the hometown of the web server. The seaside view of the town.
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